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"Jeenah was an outstanding mentor during a stressful college application cycle. She has a holistic understanding of what skills colleges are looking for and helped me articulate my achievements to make me stand out in the admissions process. She was upfront and honest with my work, and always found creative solutions when I was stumped. Her insight and advice was invaluable throughout every step of my journey and I highly recommend her to anyone entering the college admissions process."



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"As a first generation minority I felt that I needed to figure the college process alone, yet working with Jeenah truly was life changing. I was able to have a partner who would hold me accountable for completing my college essays, gave me emotional support, and gave me the reassurance to believe in myself. My college process was through the QuestBridge program, and having a partner who supported me in becoming a finalist and a matched scholar to Dartmouth gave me hope that I can break through the glass ceiling. I truly believe that we all need a Jeenah Park in our lives, and I am beyond grateful that she played such an imperative role in my life."


Jeenah truly goes above and beyond in every facet of her advising, and this was most evident to me when she helped me schedule and even practice for an interview at the University of Rochester. She even mailed me an informational pamphlet she received from a meeting she attended regarding Rochester's programs, giving me more things to talk about during the interview. I had no idea that Rochester even offered interviews, but Jeenah's dedication to researching Rochester on her own time gave me a huge advantage in the admission process, eventually leading to my acceptance.


To me, Jeenah felt like much more than an essay advisor. She felt like a genuine friend who truly wanted to see me succeed. Whether it was the effort she took to understand who I am as a person or the passion she had for making sure every word of my college essays was filled with purpose, Jeenah is truly a one-of-a-kind essay advisor who helped me gain admission to my top-choice universities."

"Jeenah was an extremely kind and helpful college essay advisor who made me feel cared for and seen throughout our time together. She had a unique approach to getting to know me really well before guiding me through the process of creating essay outlines, and I felt that her deeper understanding of who I was made her inputs to my drafts much more personal and specific. She took the time on her own to research colleges I planned to apply to, and this was extremely helpful when we had meetings since we were able to discuss specific programs and research opportunities that the college provided and how I would integrate them into my essays.

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"Jeenah is really amazing to work with, and she genuinely cares about getting to know you as a person. She's brutally honest when reviewing your work, which is really important because it allowed me to make my writing more thoughtful and strong. She'll do everything she can to help you, and makes sure that your voice is heard through the whole process. With her feedback I was able to dig a lot deeper and write about the things that truly matter to me. And because she's so easy to talk to, we got to know each other, which also helped her understand what I wanted to convey. Basically, go Jeenah! She's great :)"



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"I've had an amazing experience working with Jeenah on all of my college essays. She has been honest and supportive throughout the process, which has helped me bring out the best in my writing. Jeenah is incredibly organized and has helped me stay on top of all my college essay deadlines with room to make multiple revisions. Her feedback was so helpful to understand the potential my essays had to highlight key parts of my academic career and personality. Not to mention, Jeenah is such a genuine and caring mentor who really looks out for her students (: "



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