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Jeenah on the Road

 Visiting different campuses is an essential step in your college search process. 

Looking at a college's website and reading pamphlets can only provide you with limited information. When you visit a college, you get the real insight because you can feel the atmosphere on campus and talk to current students. 

You need to measure "fit" by observing a real class, checking out a bustling bookstore, eating in a dining room, or seeing students hang out on the lawn. How diverse is the student body? Is the atmosphere dynamic or quiet? Is the culture vibrant or homogenous? Most importantly, can you say "I can picture myself here" or "this isn't the place for me"?

While I understand that most families struggle with finding the best time for college tours, it is ideal to visit colleges during the school year. That is the best time to get to know a school and its community. Again, the college just won’t look or feel the same when the students are not around!

I visit campuses every year to learn about academics, admission, and student life in person. I enjoy taking guided tours led by current students, attending an admissions information session, and if possible, following that up with a private meeting with an admissions officer to ask specific questions about my students. I can help you decide where to visit, what questions to ask, what to look out for, and how to schedule your guided tours. 

Colleges I have visited... and more

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